Spice Williams-Crosby

Born on a ranch in North Hollywood, California, Spice's journey started uniquely as she rode her horse to kindergarten and grew up amidst the corridors of her father's medical offices. This unconventional upbringing laid the foundation for her diverse career that unfolded over the years.

Emerging as a musician, singer, and dancer under the banner of 20th Century-Fox Records, Spice embarked on a path that was not just about entertainment but also about personal transformation. Battling and triumphing over a seven-year struggle with drugs and alcohol, she experienced a life-altering moment at the age of 26 when she turned to spirituality, nutrition, and exercise. This marked the genesis of her mission to guide others towards positive life changes.

Spice's presence expanded onto the silver screen with roles in iconic feature films like Star Trek V, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Guyver, Terminator Genisys, Million Dollar Baby, and Sylvester Stallone’s Reach Me. She seamlessly transitioned to television, gracing popular shows including Roseanne, My Two Dads, Women in Prison, and many more.

Determined to make a lasting impact, Spice ventured into production, creating the compelling TV show "I Fight for My Life!" – a powerful series focused on empowering women to transcend victimhood and emerge as victors. Her dedication to her craft was recognized when she earned three Best Actor awards for her captivating portrayal of Marcie in the acclaimed film short "Duke," paying homage to the legendary John Wayne. Faith-based films like "Talk to the Animals" and "Life Goes On" further underscored her versatility as an actress.

Beyond her acting prowess, Spice's involvement in stunts came to the fore when she doubled for renowned figures like Shirley MacLaine, Meg Foster, and Kelly Preston. Her proficiency in coordinating stunts for various media productions, coupled with her exceptional combat skills, garnered her a reputation in the industry.

Spice's influence also extended into the world of health and fitness. Recognized as a nutritional expert, she contributed to publications such as Ms. Fitness, Natural Muscle Magazine, and World Blackbelt. With impressive martial arts credentials, including 6th DAN in Arjukanpo and Eskrima, as well as certification in Israeli/Guatemalan KAPAP, she stands as a symbol of dedication and expertise.

Accomplished academically, Spice holds two Masters Degrees in Holistic Nutrition and International Sports Science, in addition to a PhD in Natural Health Sciences. Her achievements led her to be recognized in Marquis Who’s Who in America-West in 1998.

A significant milestone in her journey saw her immortalized in a 30-ft bronze statue that symbolizes the past, present, and future of female athletes in the Olympic Games. Spice's personal mission revolves around inspiring mature women across the globe, embodying spiritual focus, mental acuity, and physical prowess.

In her personal life, Spice is married to Gregory Crosby, co-writer/producer of "Hacksaw Ridge," and is connected to the legacy of singer/actor Bing Crosby. Their shared journey is blessed with a son, Luke Gregory Crosby, who inherits their dedication to a vibrant, active, and accomplished life.

As of Spring 2023, Spice continues to shine, recently delighting in her involvement in Mel Gibson's latest feature film, "Boneyard." Her journey remains an inspiration, a testament to resilience, versatility, and the pursuit of excellence.