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“Even an honest man can lie if he doesn’t know the truth…”  – Alan Phillips, Director Citizens for Healthcare Freedom   TERRY Terry is seven years old and stays alive with the help of a respirator and 24-hour nursing care. He can move his eyes and mouth but he can’t move his head. Terry was left paralyzed by vaccine strain polio after swallowing live oral polio vaccine at nine weeks of age. Terry was a
Life is seldom easy, especially when you decide to have a baby. Things definitely get more complicated, and if you’re like me, every thought you have, every decision you make, somehow includes that baby. It really is a big responsibility, but when I look at my beautiful boy every morning, I know in my heart the extra effort has really been worth it. I was told a lot of things when I decided to get
“Energy demands movement and expression. Creative energy seeks an unblocked channel in which to flow. We all possess the ability to channel creative energy; it is as much a part of our systems as breathing. Because creativity is so natural to human life, blocking the flow of creativity will result in pent-up energy and frustration.” Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain I’m so frustrated! What is going on in this country? Have parents completely
I don’t know about you, but my life is full of stress! Just making it through my daily routines is enough to run me ragged — working, dealing with family and friends, raising my son, trying to maintain my health, paying bills, handling pet problems, you name it, by the time I get to bed it’s no wonder I have trouble falling asleep. To come down from the day, I try to have a peaceful
I am going to be 46 years-old on April 26, 1998. I have a gorgeous husband and 3 year-old son, not to mention a successful career as an actress, stuntwoman, nutritional author, and producer. I train six days a week in the gym and I enjoy wearing spandex pants and tank tops. I was kickboxing and lifting weights the day my water broke, and my life is filled with positive energy. I am a food-combining
Well, if you read my last article, you know that I’m now well into my second trimester (26 weeks total to be exact). And contrary to what a lot of women have said to me, “The second trimester’s a breeze compared to the first,” up until a couple of weeks ago, I have continued to experience a poor appetite, insomnia, indigestion, headaches, diarrhea, back pain and nausea. So, I guess the lesson I learned is
Are you eating for your health or for how you look in your clothes? Answer a few of these questions to find out what your priorities are and who dictates your health. The fashion industry, or how you feel?   Do you buy foods because they advertise the words “light” and “low fat”? Do you order only a salad for lunch because you think it’s diet food? Do you fast for a day or two
Well, if you read my last article, you know that I’m now well into my second trimester (26 weeks total to be exact).And contrary to what a lot of women have said to me, “The second trimester’s a breeze compared to the first,” up until a couple of weeks ago, I have continued to experience a poor appetite, insomnia, indigestion, headaches, diarrhea, back pain and nausea.So, I guess the lesson I learned is not to
I remember saying, “God, it doesn’t get much better than this!” The Spice Of Life Co. was growing at an incredible rate, I had just landed three movie roles and my husband’s screenplays were in full force. I had (and still have) an incredible man in my life, a gorgeous little boy, my body was in great shape and the dogs were free from any problems. Then, within one week, our whole life began to
Whether you’re a young girl starting out on her hormonal journey or a mature woman in postmenopause, this article will more than likely interest you. And if you’re a man, perhaps the following information will help you to understand some of the dilemmas us women go through while temporarily housed in this small wonder we call the body. I don’t think there’s a male alive who hasn’t had their fill of hearing the opposite sex
When you decide to eat healthy and follow a diet plan, you don’t have to be afraid to dine out, and you don’t have to feel deprived by ordering a boring salad with ice tea. People are under some misunderstanding that just because there’s a menu handed to them, they have to eat everything “the way it comes.” That’s ridiculous. It’s your life, your money and your prerogative to have food prepared the way you
Why can’t I be like “normal” people…? How did I get this way? Will I ever be able to eat food without feeling like I have to throw up afterwards…? Sound familiar? More than likely, since over seventy percent of us obsessed with body image (mostly women) suffer from the eating disorder known as bulimia… According to Dr. Manohar Shinde of the Eating Disorder Institute of California (EDIC), it’s a malady of epidemic proportions, and
Have you ever wondered why most people seem more concerned about the way they look rather than the way they feel? I have. And the irony, of course, is that the latter is really the true measure of one’s health… How many times have you heard someone say, “He died? I just saw him last week and he looked great…!” Well, it’s time to wake up folks…! Plastic surgeons work on the outside, not the
When you were growing up, how many times a day did you hear your parents say eat your vegetables! I know in my house, I either ate them or I was grounded. And when I asked why I had to eat them, my parents smiled and said they would help me to grow up to be big and strong like Popeye. Like I really cared. “Mom,” I would protest. First of all, I really don’t
I’m always looking for the hottest new health food supplements on the market. Not just fly-by-night fads, but products that really do the job and are likely to stick around. Last time, I spoke about MCT’s, but this time I want to talk about what Dr. J. Masquelier of the University of Bordeaux isolated, identified, and characterized in 1986 as “Pycnogenols” — natural plant products shown to have powerful free radical scavenging activity that can
We’re going to get a little technical this time around, so I’d like you to try and listen carefully. In today’s world of buzz words, the term “fat free” seems to have become a grandiose delusion that if consumers eliminate all fat, he or she won’t be fat! To a degree that’s true, but it’s an unhealthy approach and only a small percentage of the entire equation. People used to believe that the way to
I usually have the energy of three people, but I have to admit, 38 weeks into my pregnancy, I was feeling pretty tired. It was an overcast Tuesday morning when I dragged myself out of bed, forcing myself through my usual wake-up ritual of fresh pineapple, mangos, papayas, strawberries and other various fruits from the tropics. I then headed for the bathroom, took care of business there, finishing up with a large bowl of whole-grain
Like I say to all my clients, “Life isn’t a battle. It’s a game! Learn how to play it, be fair, have fun, and don’t try to be a champion of the ring, but rather a champion of the heart!” – Spice Williams-Crosby. As we’ve already discussed, the war between allopathic (conventional) medicine and alternative medicine continues to rage like a tempest in a teapot. If you don’t think so, ask your allopathic doctor what