Spice Of Life Products Are Certified Non-GMO

Our meats and jerkies are wheat-free, made from defatted soy flour, Bragg Liquid Aminos, sunflower oil, and natural spices. The soy flour provides isoflavones that lower cholesterol, the Bragg Liquid Aminos provide flavor without the addition of salt, gluten, or wheat, and the sunflower oil, a monosaturate, contains the essential fatty acids that help balance hormone levels. We believe our products are not only great for vegans, but also for celiacs, diabetics, low sodium dieters, and athletes that require additional protein.

Because Spice Of Life products are relatively inexpensive, require no refrigeration, and have a shelf life of up to 6 months, it's our hope to eventually be able to feed the world, including our armed forces, the Red Cross, children's organizations, missions, and 3rd-world nations for a fraction of the cost of conventional, hormone-filled, chemical-ridden meat.

Our jerkies are ready to eat right out of the bag, but our meats, once reconstituted with water, double in size -- 8 oz becomes 1 lb of pre-flavored, easily digestible protein that can be used in any recipe where you would normally use conventional meat.


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Christina Linhardt - Celebrity

Can't begin to tell you how your meatless jerky has saved my life and career. I’m a vegan opera-singer-circus-performer, and quite frequently have to travel for work. Sometimes, before a performance, if I'm nervous, I have to be very cautious what I eat. And so often when I'm in unknown territory, it’s hard to find the protein I need to sing Pucinni. Your meatless jerky is packed with sustenance and travels well. It saved my show last February when I was opening a concert hall in Dresden, Germany with my solo cabaret act, and recently, I even took it down to Guantanamo Bay where I was performing with a Circus. Please don't ever stop making it!

Laurelee Blanchard - Director of Communications for Farm Animal Reform Movement

My husband and I have been enjoying our 25 pound order of meatless jerky, and have introduced it to our friends and relatives. We think your meatless jerky would be the perfect food for backpackers, hikers, and skiers because it’s light-weight, easy to pack, and instantly curbs hunger, and provides an energy boost. Sporting good stores should sell it along with their other packaged foods. P.S. - I keep it in the glove compartment of my car, my briefcase, and I pack it in my suitcase when I travel.

Rhon Lindberg Buyer - Natures Best Distribution (800) 765-3141

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how well your product is performing for Natures Best. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly the sales kicked in! I can't remember the last time a new product gained such immediate acceptance. I can't decide if it's the great taste, or Spice's charming personality (most likely both!). I look forward to doing business for many years to come!

Marla Downs - Manager at Adventist Book Center

This is to notify you we demoed the “Spice of Life” Jerky at S. Lake Tahoe Camp Meeting with good success. In fact, we sold out. We did a total of 10 hours. Really appreciate your product and look forward to the new flavors coming out.

Gail Davis - Author of "So, Now What Do I Eat? The Complete Guide to Vegetarian Convenience Foods"

Spice of Life Meatless Jerky is simply the best tasting vegetarian snack food, by far. I never leave home without it and neither should you!

Wally Crowder - Director, Stunt Coordinator, Publisher of the "World Famous Stunt Players Directory"

Whenever I need a quick, low fat snack, I reach for my bag of Meatless Jerky. I’ve used it in every way, shape, and form. Straight out of the bag is my favorite. For those times you might want to drop a pound or two, it’s a great in-between filler.